Teen - Ages 13 - 17


You feel it. You understand life a lot better than the adults around you. You should be an adult, but yet everyone still treats you like a child. You miss the carefree days of elementary school and now there is all this pressure to not only to fit in with people at school, but also balanace family, school work, and extra curricular activities. Bullying has taken a whole new form since you were younger. You thought the name calling was bad, now you know that no one could be trusted when you make a mistake because peers can broadcast it on social media for the world to see. Everyone is dating and the relationships are so drama filled. You are in a weird balance of knowing what you like, who you think you are, and the person that everyone else things you are and should be. How on earth do people survive their teen years? 

These years are rough. Big issues that come up during this time involve sex, drugs, sexual identity, academic pressure, family conflict, dating. friendships, and breakups. Teens need a supportive place to grow, learn, explore, fail, and express themselves. ICTC works very hard in creating this type of space not only in therapy the therapy office but also works to encourage created a similar safe space in day to day life. This space is important so that you can do the crucial work of this stage: finding out who you are and taking steps to become who you want to be.  Lauren has experience in helping many different teenagers during these years on issues ranging from self-harm to social anxiety and had seen how understanding and acceptance is key in a successful therapeutic experience. If you are a teenager or a parent of a teenager, and have been thinking that therapy may be a good fit, feel free to call and connect with InnerCare Therapeutic Counselling.