Preteen - Ages 10-12


Being stuck somewhere between a child and a teenager is a really tough spot to navigate. Things are changing so fast and so unexpectedly that it can feel like you have no clue who you are or what to do. Your family does not quite understand, your friends are there, but you do not want to be made fun of for being or feeling different than everyone else. The phrase "no one gets this" is a common statement... 
And this is just the beginning. Add in other common elements like cyber bullying, family conflict, sibling rivilary, peer pressure, sexual identity, and school troubles and try to get through the day, let alone the next hour.  

Counselling for a preteen is a very different environment than that of a child or teenage client. It is about connection and really taking a walk in the shoes of what a 10-12 year old really goes through on a day to day basis. Elements of sessions  include games, art, music, quiet meditation time, and a safe place to talk about anything and everything. No client experiences the same things, so sessions are very different for each and every client. There is no one fits a "one-size-fits-all" treatment approach. Connecting and helping a preteen is about finding out about them and making therapy engaging at his or her level, not the level believed to be best. If you or your child is needing some support to help with these very critical and formative years, InnerCare Therapeutic Counselling is the place for you.