Relationship Counselling

Embrace Those Closest To You

Are you in a rut?
Are you constantly feeling like your partner doesn’t “understand” you?
I work with partners in a relationship to help them understand their unique “love language”. Everyone’s love language is different. During a session, I will help you recognize your partner’s individual love language. This is the things they do show you that they care. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to decipher.
I help couples “find” each other and work with them so that they can reconnect. Couples are encouraged to remember what brought them together at the beginning and to find those feelings again. Many things can cause problems and stress in a relationship. These include a new family member or change in financial situation, positive or negative. Reconnecting can heal and make relationships much better.
I teach people to take care of themselves, Inner-Care. It is amazing how, when you take care of yourself, it is so much easier to help take care of others.
Please contact me to discuss your unique situation to determine if I can be of assistance. I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation.